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Not Splashy But Solid Magic Hire

Not Splashy But Solid Magic Hire

Not Splashy But Solid Magic Hire

Not Splashy But Solid Magic Hire

The Twitterverse can be a scary place.

But it’s interesting to read some of the comments from Toronto Raptor fans about the hiring of Jeff Weltman as the Magic’s new President of Basketball Operations. 

Here are some of the highlighted posts… 

Smart move by Orlando to get a good manager and our research in one move. 

Why does Orlando love our people. Man first Bismack then T-ross and now Jeff Weltman. Dam what’s next they gonna take bruno (Raptor player Bruno Caboclo) too? 

We’re trading everything to Orlando? 

A number of things jump out at me about the Magic’s new front office boss. 


No, he does not have experience in being thee man in running his own organization. But he is an NBA lifer. His father was an executive in Cleveland and St. Louis (ABA). Jeff, 52, has worked in several capacities for almost thirty years around the NBA in such cities as Toronto, Detroit, Milwaukee, Denver and the LA Clippers. From what I am hearing, his reputation is as solid as can be in NBA circles. Last month, when I asked Magic CEO Alex Martins what his number one priority would be with the new hire, he told me, experience. Weltman has plenty of it even though that experience does not include being the number one boss. 

2… Weltman is not David Griffin. 

Orlando’s perceived target for the gig, Cav GM Griffin, is under contract until July 1 in Cleveland. If you believe the reports, the Magic were having a very difficult time communicating with Griffin. For the life of me I don’t understand why the dude has not been signed to an extension in Cleveland, but that’s a tangled web for the Magic. If he were to become a free agent so to speak, it would not come until after the NBA Draft and right as free agency is starting. The timing would be very tricky for a basketball operations department that craves leadership going into a very important summer. 

3…Weltman’s body of work includes improving struggling basketball teams. 

Let’s tell it like it is…The Orlando Magic have struggled over the last five years…To the tune of 132-278. It’s the second worst record in the NBA in that span (Philly is the worst). We need a pick-me-up. Weltman spent 13 years with the Clippers, six with the Nuggets and five years with the Bucks before joining the Raptors in 2013. In his final year in L.A., the Clippers improved their win total by 16 games. Denver, in 2003-04, the Nuggets won 49 games, improving their win total by 26. In Milwaukee, Weltman was part of a front office team that drafted Giannis Antetokounmpo. Enough said. 

Is this the splashy hire that I was hoping for? Griffin would have been splashy, McHale? Splashy. Bird? Ditto. Doc Rivers, yup. Jerry West, most certainly. 

But, time will eventually tell the tale. 

From everything I hear about Jeff Weltman, this is a solid hire by the Orlando Magic.

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