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Home Improvement DIY!

Home Improvement DIY!

Home Improvement DIY!

Home Improvement DIY!

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If you haven’t started any DIY Projects around the house yet, here are a few ideas to get you started!

  • Fresh coat of paint...ANYWHERE. Paint a door frame to enhance the trim in any room! Paint the bathroom an entirely new color or just simply put a fresh coat of paint in the foyer to brighten things up a little!
  • Install Floating Shelves! This easily adds some decorative storage or just adds character to any empty wall!
  • Reupholster a Chair! 
  • Hang some artwork! Or even some family pictures! Use that empty wall as a blank canvas for some new home decor. 
  • Propagate a plant!

  • Instead of just propagating a plant, maybe start an entire garden! Plant a lemon tree, or some pepper seeds. This could also be a fun project to do with the kids!
  • Add some sliding shelves inside your cabinets! This adds easy organization, and makes grabbing those Tupperware lids from the back of the cabinet much easier!
  • Make your drawers and cabinets self closing! Find out how here.
  • Take an online class! Learn how to build a closet, do custom woodworking, or create a shiplap wall!

Not sure what task to take on first? Click here for a fun quiz on what project to start now!

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