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The NFL Big 3.

The NFL Big 3.

The NFL Big 3.
Photo Credit: Robert Deutsch/Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports
Nov 18, 2018; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Giants tight end Evan Engram (88) with a long 4th quarter 1st down against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Big 3.

1. Evan Engram is an elite tight end and we all need to recognize it. 

After his rookie year, Engram was clearly on all of our radars as a legit weapon in that Giants offense. But after a tough sophomore season people jumped off the bandwagon of the former first rounder from Ole Miss. The offense last year didn’t seem capable of supporting anything more than all-world receiver, OBJ, and rookie sensation Saquon Barkley. Engram was the odd man out, last season, but with OBJ in Cleveland, Barkley out for a significant amount of time and Danny Dimes under center, Evan is poised to thrust himself into the elite tight end conversation. Unlike Kelce, Ertz, and Kittle, Engram hasn’t been the first option on his team up until this season and guess what? He’s been proving he can handle the load that comes with it. Just take a look at the numbers 3 weeks in, he’s making a case right now that he’s the best tight end in the league, but I won’t go there quite yet. 


Evan Engram: 23 rec, 277 yards, and 2 TDs

Travis Kelce: 17 rec, 284 yards, and 1 TDs

Zach Ertz (4 Games): 24 rec, 255 yards, 0 TDs

George Kittle: 17 rec, 165 yards, 0 TD


I know it’s a small sample size, and guys like Mark Andrews and Darren Waller have had a really good year so far, but none of them look like Engram when their running routes, not even the consensus elite guys. It’s pretty crazy, but if you squint your eyes and watch that 75 yard TD run he had against the Bucs you would think you’re watching a highlight of Odell Beckham Jr. from last season. I look at the weapons that Daniel J. Dimes has without Barkley in the back field and I think he’s going to consistently look to #88 as his safety blanket, first option, deep threat and red zone target. 


Mark my words, come the end of this season we will be mentioning Evan Engram as an elite tight end, print the shirts. 


2. Patrick Mahomes II is perfect. 


You know it, I know it, we all know it. Patrick “Showtime” Mahomes II is the most entertaining quarterback in the NFL, and for the most part he’s must watch T.V. (Granted he’s not playing the Dolphins, no one should watch the Dolphins, but you should definitely listen to them on the radio home of the Miami Dolphins, ESPN 580 Orlando. Cool, the suits aren’t reading anymore, I don’t think you should listen to them either, they’re that bad).


But back to ‘Patty Ice’


After watching the Chiefs/Ravens game a few times, I’m more and more convinced this guy is the perfect quarterback. There is literally nothing he can’t do at the position, no skill he doesn’t have and maybe I’m bias because I watched him shred the Ravens’ awesome defense (completely bias #RavensFlock #LamarAndrews2020) he doesn’t make mistakes, no matter what you throw at him and believe me the Ravens threw every look at him, he doesn’t make mistakes. Ravens defensive coordinator, Wink Martindale, said he threw up every time he watched the tape, and Wink, I feel your pain, repeatedly watching your defense not stop “Mahomie” made me nauseous too. 


Everyone knows this kid is awesome, and I know I’m not telling you anything new when I say that, but I think people don’t understand that this kid is more than awesome, he’s more than just the most entertaining player at the position, he’s the perfect quarterback. 


Literally perfect.


Arm Strength, check. Accuracy, check. Pre-snap recognition, check. Mobility in the pocket, check. Mobility outside the pocket, check. Improvisation, double check. Throwing against pressure, check. Willing to stand in the pocket and take a hit to make a throw, check. Throw on the run, check. Leadership, check. Swag, check. Whatever I forgot to mention that is relevant to a quarterback succeeding in the NFL, check. 


He’s the NFL’s version of a 5-tool player and there is no one else in the league that’s close right now. 


And did I mention Andy Reid is his play caller, Chiefs fans I would say rejoice, but you should have already known all of this. 


3. Freddie Kitchens won’t make it through the year, and it’s John Dorsey’s fault. 


I’ve talked about Cleveland before and I said they’re going to be fine and for the most part, I think they will be. Well, except for Freddie Kitchens, who I don’t think will make it through the year and I feel bad for poor Freddie because it’s not his fault, it’s John Dorsey’s.


Dorsey is the one who traded his best offensive lineman for an overpaid and underproducing edge rusher. Dorsey is the one that hired Kitchens whom had never been a Coordinator up until half-way through last season. Dorsey is the one that didn’t hire a coach with some experience that could’ve helped temper the expectations for a roster that has talent, yes, but it also has loud personalities that lend itself to distractions. Dorsey is where the buck stops and he’s the one that made this bed and unfortunately for Kitchens, he’s the one that’ll have to lay in it. 


I’m not going to sit here and say that Dorsey’s a bad GM, because that would be asinine. His ability to recognize talent, at the top of the draft especially, has been exceptional. He’s hit on most of his top draft picks dating back to his time with Andy Reid in Kansas City. (Travis Kelce, Eric Fisher, Dee Ford, Marcus Peters, Myles Garrett, David Njoku, Larry Ogunjobi, Baker Mayfield, Denzel Ward, Nick Chubb, Chris Jones and Tyreek Hill to name a few) But with all that draft success he still got fired in KC and now 3 years later in Cleveland we might be seeing why. Dorsey may well be the best drafter at the GM position in the NFL, but the Kitchens hire, OBJ trade, and Vernon trade show me that he’s not the guy a lot of people think he is when it comes to building a winner.


The expectation around this team got out of control and it happened because Dorsey chose sizzle over steak. 


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