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The NFL Big 3.

The NFL Big 3.

The NFL Big 3.

The NFL Big 3.

Three things I learned from Week Two of the NFL Season:


1. Gardner Minshew II is an American treasure and we (The Jags O-Line) need to protect him with all our might.


Gardner Flint Minshew II, is the starting quarterback of the Jacksonville Jaguars and he is phenomenal in every single way. It’s a simple fact that the man is the most interesting player at the position in quite some time. The position is currently occupied by the single most boring and uninteresting individuals who consistently show zero to less than zero personality on purpose to avoid any scrutiny. My biggest beef with the media has always been the heroization (just made that word up) of athletes that creates pressure on them to try and act perfect. As a result they act like robots and bury every semblance of the personality they may have. 


Gardner aka Beowulf, is uniquely refreshing and undeniably himself and I am here for it, and you should be too. By every account this god among men has been this way throughout his life and we as a football and sports community should in every way allow him to be the way he is for our own sake. Mainly mine because if I have to listen to another quarterback press conference or post game interview I might lose my mind. 


In case you don’t know who Gardner is, here’s a list of some fun facts:


- Although he is named Gardner Minshew II, there is no Gardner Minshew the first. 

- His grandfather wanted him to be named Beowulf

- He regularly works out in just a pair of aviator sunglasses, a headband and a jockstrap. 

- He scored a 42 on the wonderlich, which is awesome. (I’ve taken the wonderlich, getting a 42 is ridiculous) 

- He played for 3 different schools in college. (Northwest Mississippi Community College, East Carolina University and Washington State University)


Also, he’s actually pretty good at slinging it. 


Keep on keeping on, Beowulf.


2. The Bills might be a well-run franchise.


The bills are 2-0 and I get that it was against the Jets and the Giants, but they still had to go on the road and beat two NFL teams. That’s not easy, especially to start a season. Look the Bills aren’t great, I think we all know that. But they have built a team that understands what their strengths are and they play to them. Are they going to be a Superbowl team this year or next? Probably not, assuming Josh Allen doesn’t magically turn into Patrick Mahomes. But, they might make the playoffs, especially after seeing what’s happening in the AFC. The Steelers are no longer a threat with Big Ben out, the Browns don’t look like the contender some of us (Me) thought they could be this year and the Chargers just lost to the Lions, so that should tell you a little about who they are.


The AFC is wide open, and I think most of us agree that the Patriots and Chiefs sit atop the conference, with the rest of the playoff spots ripe for the taking. The Ravens, and Texans will probably win their divisions along with New England and Kansas City. So you’re talking about the Browns, Colts, Chargers, Titans and Buffalo for two wild card spots. It’s fair to assume that if Josh Allen continues to be a serviceable quarterback, the defense continues to be a top 10 type defense and that coaching staff continues to not shoot themselves in the foot and allow Allen to utilize his mobility they could go 9-7 or 10-6 and make the playoffs as wild card team.


Did I just say the Bills might make the playoffs, what the hell is wrong with me?


3. The Steelers are going to regret trading for Minkah Fitzpatrick.


I want to preface all this by saying I think Fitzpatrick can play. I loved him at Alabama and thought he would be a hell of a player in the NFL. He has been a pretty good so far for Miami and he should be great for a Pittsburgh defense that could really use him. But don’t let my positivity about the player fool you, this wasn’t a good move for the Steelers. I understand they probably started negotiating this deal before the injury to Roethlisberger, but according to various reports they knew Ben would miss a significant amount of time this season after hurting his elbow Sunday, but they still moved their 2020 first round pick that could have been used to find Ben’s replacement in a draft that could have 3 to 4 first rounders at the position. 


Maybe they love Mason Rudolph, maybe they know Rudolph is their guy for the next decade plus and maybe this season isn’t going to be a waste with Ben out. Sure, that is all possible but the more likely thing is; Rudolph isn’t great and the season is going to be a waste and they’ll end up with one of the 10 worst records in the NFL with one of their best building blocks now chilling on South Beach. (I know Hard Rock Stadium is in Miami Gardens, South Beach just sounds cooler)


They wasted a clear chance to find the next Steelers franchise quarterback and what did they get for it?


A good safety. 


Bad move, Steelers. (FYI as a Ravens fan, I’m ecstatic)


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