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RP Funding Presents Saving Thousands!

Tune in every Saturday and Sunday at 10am and listen to Robert Palmer, CEO of RP Funding. Robert will discuss everything you need to know about your personal finances.  He'll show you ways to  “save thousands” when it comes to loans, credit, interest or debt.

Topics Include


·    Mortgages

·    Credit Cards

·    Credit Scores

·    Credit Reports

·    Consolidation Loans/Student Loans

·    Paying debt off quicker

·    Borrowing money cheaper

·    Dealing with debt collectors

·    Bankruptcy

·    Foreclosure

·    Short Sale

·    Loan Modifications

·    Tax implications of bad debt

·    Avoiding bogus add-ons to loans (ie credit life)

·    Negotiating with Banks, Credit unions etc

·    Borrowing on the internet


Mortgage Specific Information

RP Funding holds a Florida Mortgage Lender license, the highest license available for a mortgage company in the state of Florida. There are only 1,281 out of 17,000+ mortgage companies in Florida that hold this highest level of licensing. RP Funding is a full service lender, not a Mortgage Broker. They underwrite, close and fund their own loans to offer customers the best rates and highest level of services.

RP Funding is an FHA Direct Endorsement Mortgagee and holds the highest level of Lender approval from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Only 341 of the 17,000+ mortgage companies in the state of Florida hold this designation. This approval allows RP Funding to Originate, Underwrite, Close and Fund FHA Mortgages. Their FHA Direct Endorsement Underwriters have over 10 years of experience helping first time homebuyers and refinance borrowers.

RP Funding is a Discount Direct Mortgage Lender offering the lowest mortgage rates in Florida. They offer "wholesale" mortgage rates directly to consumers cutting out the middle man and allowing them to save money. Don't overpay for your mortgage by going to a big bank or a mortgage broker, come to RP Funding.

Key Points

·    They don't charge any fees, because they don't think consumers should have to pay to get a mortgage

·    10-Day Closings

·    $1,000 Guarantee: If a consumer receives a legitimate offer from a competitor that is lower, their promise is that they will match it, and if they can't they will give them $1,000


Recent Headlines

“New Rules for Mortgage Brokers Take Effect April 1”

“RP Funding Does in Ten Days what another Mortgage Company couldn’t do in Six Weeks”

“RP Funding Named First-Ever Diamond Partner by the Orlando Regional REALTOR® Association”

“Orlando Mortgage Lender RP Funding More than Doubles Volume of Loans in First Quarter of 2011”

“RP Funding Advice to Home Buyers: Pick Your own Title Company”

RP Funding Presents the Saving Thousands Blog





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